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Carded Bismarck/Filling tip #230

With this tip, you don’t need a coupler, just cut the end of the decorating bag  drop the tip into the decorating bag, fill bag, insert the tip into the treat and squeeze bag to fill. Whether you use a cream filling, pudding, icing, or preserves, you’ll love how easy it is to add a delicious filling to your treats.

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Celebration Cookie Cutter

It’s easy to get the party started with these colorful party cookie cutters. Recipe included. Includes cake, cupcake, present and party hat.

Each approximately 3 in.

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Celebration Tree

Easy way to hang your party favours

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Cupcake Book

Everyone’s face lights up when cupcakes are served. Now, with Wilton Cupcakes!, you can make the most smile-worthy treats around. This exciting publication will show you how to make cupcakes that are colorful and fun inside and out with 320 amazing designs that are easy to create! Here are some of the sensational features inside Wilton Cupcakes!

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Cupcake Decorating Set

Create all kinds of fun cupcake designs perfect for celebrations or everyday treats! Includes star tips 1M (rosettes, stars, drop flowers), star tip 22 (zigzags, pull-out stars), round tip 12 (outlines, dots, messages) and Bismarck tip 230 for exciting filled … Read More

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Decorating Bag Holder

Keep icing bags organized and in easy reach of your decorating workspace. Openings hold up to six decorating bags from 8 in. to 16 in. (sold separately). The built-in, snug flower nail grips grasp nails for easy one-handed use. Stable legs smoothly lock into place and fold to maximize storage space. Silicone feet prevent the holder from sliding on the work surface.

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Decorating Nail Set

Includes a cupcake nail, with a recessed platform for finishing a standard cupcake with a perfectly-swirled top. Hand-held nails provide the perfect turntable for close-up decorating—just turn as you pipe. Includes 1.5, 2, 2.5 in. Flower Nails and 2.25 x 2.5 in. Cupcake Nail. Stems insert easily in nails to create a secure platform.

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Decorating Tips Book

Valuable quick reference and idea book for any decorator. Features five of the most popular decorating tip families and explains what each does. Shows the versatility of many tips by presenting varied cake designs. Soft cover, 48 page

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Decorating Triangle

Each side adds a different contoured effect to iced cakes. Easy to hold; 5 x 5 in.; plastic

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Deluxe Tip Set-22

The deluxe set includes 22 decorating tips for a variety of decorating options. In addition, it contains a standard coupler and metal 1.25 in. flower nail. Plus, the entire set is contained in the Wilton Tip Organizer for perfect tip organization and storage.

Set includes tips: #1, #3, #5, #8, #12, #14, #16, #18, #21, #32, #59s, #101, #104, #224, #2D, #233, #47, #352, #366, #67, #74, #81.

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