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Texture Mat Set (wood/stone)

Add surface details easily to cakes and treats with fondant, gum paste or Shape-N-Amaze™ edible


dough using these silicone mats.

6 in. x 6 in

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Water Brush

An easy way to apply water for attaching fondant and gum paste decorations to fondant-covered cakes.

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Wave Flower Former Set

Use this convenient platform to dry flowers, leaves and others in royal icing, gum paste or fondant. Shape makes it easy to dry concave or convex shapes; great for ribbons, streamers

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Wide Glide Rolling Pin

Its extra-wide, smooth design is perfect for covering cakes with rolled fondant. The non-stick surface makes handling large pieces of fondant easy

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Wilton Gumpaste Starter Tool Set

Three double-ended tools make it easy to shape, detail and cut your fondant or gum paste. The ball tool has a large ball on one end and a small ball on the other, balls are used to shape or ruffle the edges of flower petals and ribbons. Use the fine and wide quilting or stitching rolling wheels to imprint dotted or dashed details in your fondant. The knife and needle tool has a blade at one end and a pointed pick at the other, use the knife end to cut and trim small decorations while the needle end can be used for single dot patterns or for releasing air bubbles from rolled-out fondant.

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Wilton Icing Gel Colours

Great for coloring cake batter, icings, eggs, gumpaste flowers, fondant  and more!

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Wilton Wedding Jewelery Fondant Mould

Silicone mold features 25 jewel shapes, including small and large faceted teardrops, large micro pave teardrop, micro pave circular setting, small, medium and large diamond shapes, micro pave circle, halo set rectangle and square, beveled edge rectangle and square, flower, 3-tier teardrop, round, leaf, tri-leaf, diamond halo setting, 3 diamond bracelet designs and 4 gemstone accent pieces

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Wire And Tape Set

Used to wire and tape flowers. And essential form of gum paste flower making

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